Oxygen Cycle Diagram

Oxygen Cycle Diagram. The Nitrogen and the Oxygen Cycle (With Diagram) Article Shared by. In intervening steps the oxygen is incorporated in water, and in this form it can interlink with the water cycle or indirectly with carbon cycle.

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The Nitrogen Cycle: The most abundant element in the atmosphere is nitrogen. It involves the production and consumption of oxygen, which leads to a constant level of oxygen available in the atmosphere. Oxygen is an important component of everyday life.

The entire cycle can be summarized as, plants taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen during photosynthesis.

Animals take in oxygen through the process of respiration.

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Draw a diagram of the Oxygen Cycle using the words in the text box. The oxygen cycle demonstrates how free oxygen is made available in each of these regions, as well as how it is used. The oxygen cycle is interconnected with the carbon cycle.

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