Vocal Cords Diagram

Vocal Cords Diagram. Above the vocal cords, in the vocal tract itself, are several parts that move in various ways to This type of diagram is often called a "Sammy" diagram (I don't know why.) or a sagittal section diagram. Bodytomy provides information on the anatomy and the function of the vocal cords.

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The size of vocal cords affects the pitch of voice. At birth, vocal cords are composed of a uniform, gel-like material. A bruised vocal cord recently silenced Jessica Simpson.

Opera singers and pop stars work hard to develop their singing power the way athletes train for their sport.

Lesions on these vocal cords are a common cause of voice disorders.

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A vocal EQ cheat sheet to help you mix vocals like a pro They can be vibrated during exhalation allowing a human being to form speech. The vocal cords (or vocal folds) are located in your larynx (voice box).

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