Castle Diagram

Castle Diagram. Created by experienced teacher Nichola Boughey and available to use today. Now, obviously, since there is no one single caste design, we have labeled diagrams for all sorts of variations.

Building Early Modern Castles
Building Early Modern Castles (Jordan Kennedy)
The first castles in England were built by the Normans. The Medieval Castle Layout of Farleigh Hungerford Castle. Here is a collection of examples of the layout of a castle.

In shogi, castles (囲い kakoi) are strong defensive configurations of pieces that protect the king (玉).

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Medieval Castle Diagram Barbarican- A stone structure that protected the gate of a castle Gatehouse- A strongly built and fortified main entrance to a castle Portcullis- A metal or wood grate. The shape of the castle would have been dictated by the surrounding land, which meant that every castle Diagram of a Concentric Castles. Inner Wall Bailey - Center area of the castle.

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