Waterfall Diagram

Waterfall Diagram. Using a template is the easiest way to create a waterfall chart. What is a waterfall charts template?

How to Read a Waterfall Chart for Beginners | GTmetrix
How to Read a Waterfall Chart for Beginners | GTmetrix (Mayme Simon)
The columns are color coded so you can quickly tell positive from negative numbers. The waterfall chart is also known as a flying bricks chart or Mario chart due to the apparent suspension of columns (bricks) in mid-air. A waterfall chart, often referred to as bridge or cascade charts, are used in business to show how a value (EBITDA in the above figure) changes from one state to another (FCF value) through a series of intermediate (positive and negative) changes.

In reality, we all have seen waterfalls, where waterfalls step on creating a series of iteration at different levels.

These intermediate values can either be time based or category based.

Waterfall Charts that Cross the X-axis

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Fret not, as all it takes is a little brute force to turn a. Creately diagrams can be exported and added to Word, PPT (powerpoint), Excel, Visio or any other document. You can perform this tasks from the "Format Selection" option in the "Format Chart" Ribbon option.

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