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Ankle Diagram. Sprained ankle: Damage to one of the ligaments in the ankle, usually from an accidental twist or turn of the foot. The Calf Muscle (Human Anatomy): Diagram, Function, Location.

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Ankle Tendon Diagram - See more about Ankle Tendon Diagram, ankle injuries diagram, ankle Diagram of normal foot and ankle anatomy. Related Posts of "Bones Of The Left Ankle With Diagram" Facial Bone Anatomy X Ray. The ankle is one of the most frequently injured areas of the skeleton.

Although many of these injuries are ligament sprains, the radiologist plays a key role in the thorough evaluation of complex injuries.

Ankle diagram showing the ankle ligaments on the outside of the ankle and basic anatomy: the calcaneus (heel bone), tibia and fibular (leg bones).

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Studying the ankle anatomy using visual illustration will make you understand the concept and parts of the anatomy better. Diagram of a three-dimensional geometrical model for ankle joint mobility. Pelvis And Ligament Front View Male.

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