Parts Of A Flower Diagram

Parts Of A Flower Diagram. All these flower parts each have a specific function that allows the flower to bloom and then eventually become fruit or seed. Start studying Parts of a Flower (Diagram).

Flower Diagrams
Flower Diagrams (Victoria Schneider)
To download either the labeled diagram above or unlabeled printable diagram below, click on either the diagram itself or the caption. Petals are the brightest and colorful parts of a flower that distinguish them from other parts. Find out more facts about flowers and improve your knowledge with DK Find Out, to help you learn.

Petals are the pretty part of the flower that gives it its shape and form.

On the other hand, it is the part that gives fruit.

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They are not only involved in reproduction, but are also a source of food for Reproductive Parts of a Flower. Flowers are the reproductive part of a plant. Fixation of anthers. (a) Basifixed (Innate) - Filament attached to the base of the anther, e.g The ovary of flower possesses one or more ovules which later on develop into seeds after fertilization.

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