Tape Diagram Addition

Tape Diagram Addition. Students need to see how they can be applied in a variety of problems, to identify when the whole is missing and when a part is missing, so they can internalize this strategy. Now, he solves for an unknown in any.

Tape Diagram 3-Digit Addition within 1000 (Set 3) by ...
Tape Diagram 3-Digit Addition within 1000 (Set 3) by ... (Jacob Barnes)
Tape Diagram Addition and Subtraction Task Cards- BUNDLEPlease see the preview. Then he spent ¼ of Thinking Blocks is the visual, interactive way to solve math word problems. How to use tape diagrams in Part-whole Model and Additive Comparison Model problems?

Preparation Notes This lesson is an introductory lesson for students on a visual model for ratio problem solving called here, the tape diagram.

Identify the equation represented by a tape diagram.

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Also known as a strip diagram, bar model, fraction strip, or length model. The tape diagram does not do the calculations for the student, but it does make it easier for the student to see which calculations might be needed. One of the values of this method is that one model can be used.

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