Composite Volcano Diagram

Composite Volcano Diagram. Stratovolcanoes form on the continental side of a subduction zone where the melting oceanic crust forms pools of molten rock in a magma chamber. A composite volcano is also commonly called a stratovolcano.

Stratovolcano - Crystalinks
Stratovolcano - Crystalinks (Blake Christensen)
Such volcanoes develop over hundreds of years through the accumulation of lava, ash, and. Shield volcanoes like Mauna Loa are impressive to look at and study, because. Helens as well as the deadly materials released during volcanic eruptions.

These volcanoes are built from layers, or strata, of pyroclastic material, including lava, pumice, volcanic ash, and tephra.

Stratovolcano is another name for composite volcanoes.

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Composite volcanoes are made up of alternating layers of lava and ash (other volcanoes just consist of lava). Name the type of volcano illustrated in diagram b. describe how its formed. The low viscosity, runny, nature of the lava means it travels in streams far from the source and covers many square miles.

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