Electron Orbital Diagram

Electron Orbital Diagram. Video explanation on orbital diagrams and how to depict the electronic configuration of atoms using orbital diagrams. Orbital diagrams are a pictorial description of electrons in an atom.

Electron Configuration and Orbital Diagrams - YouTube
Electron Configuration and Orbital Diagrams - YouTube (Garrett Collins)
Electron configurations take the electron orbital diagram and condenses. They are filling the remaining space and have a "freaky shape". This chemistry video tutorial provides a basic introduction into orbital diagrams and electron configuration.

Hund's rule specifies that when orbitals of equal energy are available, the lowest energy electron configuration has the maximum number of unpaired electrons with parallel.

Each orbital can hold only one electron pair.

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Molecular orbital theory: Energy level diagram. Chemistry‎ > ‎Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms‎ > ‎. David's Whizzy Periodic Table is a visual way of looking at the changing electron configuration of elements.

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