Lens Ray Diagram

Lens Ray Diagram. Draw the third incident ray such that it travels directly to the exact. Fullscreen This Demonstration lets you visualize the ray diagrams for converging and diverging lenses.

Lenses Ray Diagram | David Simchi-Levi
Lenses Ray Diagram | David Simchi-Levi (Jesus Ferguson)
Draw the second ray such that it travels exactly parallel to the principal axis. Which ray would appear on a ray diagram for both a concave lens and a convex lens? Ray Optics applets I have made.

Describe the properties of an image produced by a concave lens.

Trick to drawing ray diagrams for converging lens:.

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Move the tip of the "Object" arrow to move the object. Step-by-Step Method for Drawing Ray Diagrams To draw a ray diagram: Draw a ray from the object to the lens that is parallel to the principal axis. Concave Lenses Draw a ray diagram to show how an image is formed by a concave lens.

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