Supercharger Diagram

Supercharger Diagram. Supercharging puts an added strain on the engine, which needs to be strong to handle the extra boost and bigger explosions. Diagram showing working of superchargers used in automobiles.

CP Performance - Intake Components (Supercharger Assembly)
CP Performance - Intake Components (Supercharger Assembly) (Harriet Dixon)
TorqStorm Superchargers® is a rapidly growing, popular supercharger for the average individual looking to make a significant horsepower and torque gain with their vehicle. Thanks to the direct connection, there is a correlation between engine speed and blower speed. Supercharger boost is largely misunderstood, even by some experienced performance enthusiasts.

RBS has years and years of experience to help the first time beginner to the seasoned veteran produce the most power and reliability on their supercharged engine.

Install it yourself or have your ProCharger dealer install it for you-the choice is yours.

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Allen Engine Development is located in the heart of supercharger country, just a stone's throw away from industry giants like Vortech, Paxton, and Magnuson. Power for the supercharger can be provided mechanically by means of a belt, gear, shaft, or chain connected to the engine's crankshaft. Superchargers & Supercharger Parts for Eaton, Edelbrock, Magnuson, Magnacharger, Paxton, Procharger, Ripp, Roush, SLP, Sprintex, Vortech & Whipple.

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