Pain Body Diagram

Pain Body Diagram. Our interactive body map serves as a quick pain pinpointer or locator. The pain body does not know spatial or temporal limitations.

Why Fibromyalgia Pain Makes You Hurt From Head to Toe ...
Why Fibromyalgia Pain Makes You Hurt From Head to Toe ... (Alvin Munoz)
For this and other reasons, practitioners often use a body diagram to track the location of the pain as it changes (or doesn't) over time. Some of the common causes which can lead to mild to moderate sharp pain in different body parts are stress, muscle tension, overuse of muscle, minor injuries. The person usually needs to eat smaller portion sizes and may experience pain from time to time, but they can continue to live a relatively normal life.

It shows a body where people can mark the location of their pain, as well as a scale to rate pain intensity and a space for more comments.

Pinpoint signs and symptoms in the Symptom Checker for women using MedicineNet's illustrative guide.

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The pain body feeds like a parasite. It also helps in distinguishing the type of pain. Pain indicator chart is helpful for the doctor to.

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