Spinal Column Diagram

Spinal Column Diagram. Spinal Column. center for spine health Cross-section of the spinal column through a vertebra (vertebrae and subarachnoid space).

vertebral column | Anatomy & Function | Britannica
vertebral column | Anatomy & Function | Britannica (Jorge Bass)
Create healthcare diagrams like this example called Spinal Column in minutes with SmartDraw. The axial skeleton comprises the bones of the skull, vertebral column, chest, and hyoid bone. Vertebral column spinal cord high resolution histology diagram download smartphone anatomy spinal cord funiculi of tectospinal tract.

Artistic style anatomical spine vector illustration with conceptual decorative elements.

It consists of various groups of vertebrae and is divided into five.


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Spinal ligaments also provide stability to the column. The spine has a number of ligaments that help bind the column as a whole. Spinal Column is published by Cleveland Clinic's Center for Spine Health to provide up-to-date information about the center's research and.

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