Taper Fade Diagram

Taper Fade Diagram. Step By Step Taper Fade Instructions Everything You Need To Know. There is simply no getting around the fact that the fade is a hairstyle that has been in rotation for many years now.

131 best images about Info-Tips Barberia on Pinterest ...
131 best images about Info-Tips Barberia on Pinterest ... (Milton Farmer)
With the simple do it yourself kit, you do not need to go to the salon. Step-by-Step Guide: Start on the top section in the center. This is the point where the fade begins, where the hair is shortest.

If you want to do a taper without exposing the scalp on the sides and back, you'll want to begin the blending process just above the ears and work towards the top of the head.

This type of fade is necessary if you're giving a high-and-tight, military-type haircut.

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These hairstyles can enhance the overall appearance of both tall and short people. It's why it's never faded from popularity. You can have a low, mid or high fade depending on your preference.

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