Earth Diagram

Earth Diagram. Viewing your story as a presentation. These layers are both physically and chemically different.

Cutaway views showing the internal structure of the Earth ...
Cutaway views showing the internal structure of the Earth ... (Lillian Yates)
The Earth's rotation is gradually slowing. The Earth is made of many different and distinct layers. Have students create a diagram and label the structure of the Earth!

Earth's Internal Structure - describing the crust, mantle and core.

Most of the geologist believes that as the Earth cooled, the heavier and the denser material sank into the centre, and the lighter ones rose towards the top.

The Thinnest Layer of the Earth

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Earth's core has been leaking for billions of years

Yet there are still great mysteries to solve about our planet's inner workings. This rock diagram has a line running through with arrows pointing in the direction of rock movement. Dinosaurs Extinction infographic diagram showing paleozoic mesozoic.

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