Chromosome Diagram

Chromosome Diagram. On the Basis of Number of. The chromosome carries portions of the hereditary information of an organism.

Eukaryotic Cell Reproduction; chromosome structure - Study ...
Eukaryotic Cell Reproduction; chromosome structure - Study ... (Nannie Hill)
I'm interested in different kind of plots - lines, points, bars, etc - and high customization. Chromosome is present in the nucleus and carries genetic information. Diagram showing two chromosomes with centrosomes and telomeres.

A chromosome is a physically discrete portion of the genome, which carries many individual genes.

The bound DNA units are called nucleosomes.

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Chromosome structure

It is not usually found on its own, but rather is structured by being wrapped around protein complexes called nucleosomes, which consist of histones. Chromosomes are nothing more than genetic filing cabinets, and each individual of a species generally has the same genes stored in the same chromosome. The word chromosomes is derived from two words, Chroma, meaning colour and Soma, meaning body.

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