Labeled Water Cycle Diagram

Labeled Water Cycle Diagram. This water cycle story paper comes in black and white or colour, and lined or with handwriting lines. Accumulation - the process in which water pools in large bodies (like oceans, seas and Evaporation - the process in which liquid water becomes water vapor (a gas).

The Water Cycle
The Water Cycle (Ryan Thornton)
Vector Cycle of water for kids. It provides life, eases out heat, drains harmful substances and mediates many day-to-day works. This water vapor continues to soar in the sky, until it reaches the point wherein it condenses and forms clouds.

It does a great job of explaining how the water cycle works using simple language and colorful illustrations that kids will enjoy.

Water vaporizes from the surfaces of oceans and lakes, from the.

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The Water Cycle

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Water is the basic element of nature. Water cycle, cycle that involves the continuous circulation of water in the Earth-atmosphere system. The water cycle worksheet features a clear diagram, with boxes for kids to fill out using the vocabulary provided.

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