Starter Relay Diagram

Starter Relay Diagram. Ignition Relay Wiring Diagram Fresh Starter solenoid Wiring Diagram. It includes directions and diagrams for different types of wiring strategies along with other items like lights, home windows, and so forth.

Remote Ford solenoid for GM- no hot start
Remote Ford solenoid for GM- no hot start (Bruce Hart)
The starter relay is in the fuse box located below the dash. Like all good motorcycle engineers, Lamberts Bikes have produced part specific electrical wiring schematics. Here is a wiring diagram and a guide so you can do some testing and get the problem fixed.

The starter relay is the theft deterrent relay that can stop the starter from working.

Exact location of the starter relay is pictured below.

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Lamberts Bikes Motorcycle Part Wiring Diagrams. Wiring Diagram Relay Starter Motor Fresh Ignition Relay Wiring. The starter relay enables the flow of current to the starter solenoid and motor.

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