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Clavicle Diagram. The pectoral girdle connects the upper limb (arm) bones to the axial skeleton and consists of the left and right clavicles and left and right scapulae. The clavicle, also colloquially known as the collarbone, is the only bone connecting the pectoral girdle to the axial skeleton and is the only long bone that lies horizontally in human skeleton.

The Clavicle - Functions - Landmarks - Fractures ...
The Clavicle - Functions - Landmarks - Fractures ... (Jose Ballard)
The Clavicle - small, S-shaped curved tubular bone, one end of which connects with the sternum (sternoclavicular joint) and a second end with the acromion process of the scapula (acromioclavicular. Original Editor - Sofie Van Cutsem. In partnership with @qhphotography, the Online Lighting Diagram Creator is launched to help you with the creation of photography lighting diagrams filled with pretty much any major lighting.

The S-shaped bone is the connecting point for the upper extremity to the axial skeletal structure.

It receives its name from the Latin clavicula ("little key") because the bone rotates along its axis like a key when the shoulder is abducted.

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The clavicles superficial location, its thin midshaft, and the forces transmitted across it makes the clavicle. Find clavicle stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. The clavicle is commonly referred to as the collar bone and is slender in appearance.

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