Iron Phase Diagram

Iron Phase Diagram. The notes are based on the Iron Phase Diagram (equilibrium diagram). It is a form of the material which has identifiable composition, structure and boundaries separating it from other phases in the material volume.

Muddiest Point- Phase Diagrams V: Fe-Fe3C Microstructures ...
Muddiest Point- Phase Diagrams V: Fe-Fe3C Microstructures ... (Joel Reynolds)
Three significant regions can be made relative to the steel portion of the diagram. The amount of carbon present in an iron-carbon alloy, in weight percent, is plotted on the x-axis and temperature is plotted on the y-axis. BCC is body centered cubic and FCC is face-centered cubic.

The important boundaries (the lines) separating phases have some universally used abbreviations:.

They are the eutectoid E, the hypoeutectoid A, and the hypereutectoid B.

Iron Carbon Phase Diagram

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Iron-Cementite diagram is not a true equilibrium diagram, since equilibrium means no change of phase with time, however long it may be. The iron carbide is called metastable phase. Therefore, iron-iron carbide diagram even though technically represents metastable conditions, can be considered as representing equilibrium changes, under conditions of relatively slow heating and cooling.

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