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Stock And Flow Diagram. Visual Paradigm's stock and flow diagram tool makes it easy to create different kinds of stock and flow diagrams. It features all the shapes that let you create stock and flow diagrams through drag-and-drop, and then share your work via formats like PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG and PDF.

The Stock and flow diagram of Human resources and ...
The Stock and flow diagram of Human resources and ... (Ivan Duncan)
It allows for precise specification of all the system's parts and their interrelation, and provide a basis for simulating the behavior of the system over time. Delays and graphical functions are highlighted. These elements are explained below and visualized in the following diagram: What are Stock-Flow Diagrams?

Stock and flow diagrams provide a richer visual language than causal loop diagrams, we distinguish between six main kinds of elements: stocks, flows, converters, connectors, sources and sinks.

Stock and flow diagrams visually distinguishe between the parts of the system and what causes them to change.

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A Stock & Flow Diagram (SFD) is similar to a Causal Loops Diagram (CLD) though provides a more rigourous representation. In dynamical systems modeling, the behavior that the system exhibits over time is called it's dynamic. Can be used as a diagram, graph, data table, presentation, annual report, web design.

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