Uml Activity Diagram

Uml Activity Diagram. In the Unified Modeling Language, activity diagrams are intended to model both computational and organizational processes (i.e., workflows). The round-cornered activity border may be replaced with the diagram frame.

ACTIVITY DIAGRAM - Unmasa Dalha (Estella Powell)
Although UML sequence diagrams can protray the same information as activity diagrams, I personally find activity diagrams best for modeling business-level functions. UML Activity Diagram illustrates the business and operational step-by-step workflows of components in a system and shows the overall flow of control. Activity diagram is basically a flowchart to represent the flow from one activity to another activity.

The activity can be described as an operation of the system.

In UML, guards are a statement written next to a decision diamond that must be true before moving next to the.

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Activity diagram is essentially an advanced version of flow chart that. And because they are a lot similar to flowcharts, they are generally. They can be used to describe business workflow or the.

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