Heater Core Hose Diagram

Heater Core Hose Diagram. Since the distributor needs to be removed for replacement of the hose.http. When taking out the air filter box, you can see the two pipes at the back of.

coolant hose/heater core line diagram?
coolant hose/heater core line diagram? (Don Hill)
Inspect and replace damaged / corroded hose clamps. It appears to be the flange of the coolant hose that comes from the core, around the front There is a diagram posted elsewhere (sorry I can't attach an image) on this forum. Not the clip this thread is about.

When you go to the dealerhship he should be able to pull a diagram up and you can show him which hose.

Pull the panel under the glove.

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To read a heater core diagram, you need to understand the concept of exploded view drawings. The heater core R/R looks pretty dam scary. When I replaced the heater core lines, I simply snapped the black fitting that holds white clip in and slid the hose off.

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