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Chapter 6: Bone Tissue - Kinesiology 2500 with Hargroder ...
Chapter 6: Bone Tissue - Kinesiology 2500 with Hargroder ... (Clifford Moran)
Long bones, especially the femur and tibia, are subjected to most of the load during daily activities and they are crucial for skeletal mobility. When a human finishes growing these parts fuse together. The newly-deposited bone tissue at the top of the zone of ossification is called the primary spongiosa, while the older bone is labeled the secondary spongiosa.

At birth, each long bone is made of three individual bones separated by.

Long Bones - Long bones develop through the endochondral ossification process and include those located in the appendicular skeleton such as the tibia and femur.

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Humerus bone labeled vector illustration diagram. Skeleton anatomy scheme with greater tubercle, deltoid tuberosity, medial epicondyle, trochlea and other parts. Long Bone Structure Diagram And Definitions Flashcards Quizlet.

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